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Working with Us

Working with Us

We Believe in People Development

Lafarge aims at making every employee contribute to their full potential in their job. People development within Lafarge is a key driver for performance and change, supporting the achievement of key business challenges and strategies. For this reason, developing people and teams is a fundamental responsibility of all managers at Lafarge. For every area of people development Lafarge promotes a variety of development practices at any level of the organization:-

On the job learning:  offering individuals new and challenging job opportunities (international experience, management of teams with complementary skills).

Action learning:  enabling people to work effectively and to be successful in their missions by giving them special assignments or projects.

Training:   offered through the Group training courses or recommended external training, or developed at entity level when specific to business requirements

Coaching:   enabling continuous improvement of behaviors after individual or team assessment, by using internal or external resources.

Knowledge sharing:  transferring best practices and build knowledge and know-how through teamwork, transversal projects and networks.

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