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Types of Concrete

Lafarge Concrete Malaysia

To continue to create value and serve our customers better, Lafarge Concrete not just producing conventional readymix concrete but also leading the way in innovative mixes by carrying out research and product development according to the market trend.

The range of innovative concrete products are the result from Research & Development which includes:

Artevia – A range of decorative concrete. Now concrete can be colourful.

UltraSeries – A series of innovative concrete solution to customers for

                      more profitability through increased productivity.

Types of Concrete

The types of concrete produced by Lafarge Concrete Malaysia are Normal Mix, Pump Mix, UltraSeries and Artevia.

Normal Mix

Full range of Normal Mix concrete from G20 – G45 used for most common concreting applications. The slump is 75 +/-25mm.


Pump concrete generally has little more sand and little less stone than normal concrete so it can be smoothly pumped from the roadside to the building site. The slump is 100mm +/- 25mm. Because of the extra water to make the concrete wetter and the increased are due to extra sand, pump concrete needs more cement per cubic meter to achieve the right strength.


UltraSeries is a range of product of ready-mixed concrete that was created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. The family mixes are designed to give contractor increased profitability …

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