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Sustainable Development

Corp. Social Resp

Contributing to the Development of the Local Communities

A strong commitment to sustainable development is an integral part of Lafarge Malayan Cement’s long-term strategic goals. 

Social and environmental progress are given increasingly more consideration alongside the emphasis on economic growth. 

We want to be a responsible corporate citizen who can contribute to the development of the local communities in which we operate.  We want to do our part in preserving the environment

Two-way Communication with Communities

Social dialogues are vital for Lafarge Malayan Cement to play a major role as a responsible corporate citizen.  We are constantly keeping in touch with the Government, associations and NGOs to discuss on ways to carry out activities that will reflect our increased commitment to the local communities. 

Each of our 4 Works organises at least 2 open days or dialogues a year for the local community and authorities. These forums enable us to update our neighbours on the operations and performance of our plants, to get feedback from them as well as to discuss issues of common interests. We also play host to many study groups.

Social Responsibility

Since 1997, in line with its commitment to Corporate Social Responsbility, Lafarge Malayan Cement has embarked on a project known as Lafarge Malayan Cement Schools Project to promote educational and academic excellence among the local communities in the vicinity of its four plants across Malaysia – Rawang in Selangor. Kanthan in Perak, Pasir Gudang in Johor and Langkawi in Kedah.

Through this project, Bursaries are given to students from low income families and Excellence Awards given to outstanding ones from a total of 28 schools, amounting to about  RM135,000 per year.  Over the last 10 years, Lafarge Malayan Cement has helped over 1,500 deserving and needy students who have excelled in their UPSR and SPM examinations.  

In 2006, about 200 bursaries of RM400 and RM500 each and 81 excellence awards (in the form of cash and certificate) were granted to students covered in this project.

Care for the Environment

On a global perspective, Lafarge works to protect the environment on four main fronts:

1. The battle to stop climate change;

2. The preservation of biodiversity;

3. The conservation of natural resources; and

4. The development of innovative approaches that promote a better respect for the environment. 

The environmental initiatives formulated by the parent company will become the guide for the direction of environmental management in Malaysia.  Among the initiatives undertaken are the successful completion of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project which substitutes alternative, biomass energy sources for fossil fuels in two of its cement plants in Malaysia, has been validated by the CDM Executive Board, in line with the framework established by the Kyoto Protocol. 

Registered on 7 April 2006, the CDM project was approved by Malaysian and French authorities.  It is the first CDM project of its kind to be registered by the cement industry.

The Malaysian project involves the substitution of a percentage of coal with a biomass alternative, Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), in the cement manufacturing process.  PKS are a waste product of Malaysia’s palm oil industy. By substituting PKS for coal, Lafarge is able to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 60,000 tons per year – equivalent of planting 4 million trees a year. 

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